Monday, 9 May 2011

I drowned a Bee!

It dived into my tea yesterday while I was in the potting shed!  I promptly threw the tea out but it was already deeeeed... I hadn't even drunk any of it!

BAHHHHH on both counts

I did however fill up my own hanging baskets, sowed some more beans green and yellow bush french beans and some green kale (thanks for the Kale seeds goes to Jono at a truly fab veg growing/allotmenteering site with added geekery and excel spreadsheets - awesome!)  So all was not lost.  Thinking about it I think the big looser here was probably the bee..... :0<

Chat soon X

Ooooh I did however buy new shoes for the me nephews Christening next Sunday!  :0>


  1. Good luck with the kale!

    I've got some purple kale this year that I'm going to try. I was actually surprised by the different colours you could get. Mix it with some chard and there could be a right display going on.

    P.S. Nice shoes :)

  2. Funny you should say that, I'm thinking of doing a "display" lettuce/salad patch... Could do this with the kales too I guess! Why not :o) It might camoflage the state of the rest of the allotment!

    <<< High 5 >>>