Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas (ish) harvest!


Okay okay so it was the day after boxing day, but I'm still pretty impressed with my winter harvest!

LOOKIE LOOKIE!  I got baby leeks (okay they were supposed to be full sized but failed!) Cabbage (my first EVER!) Jerusalem artichokes, two sorts of lettuce, mizuna, endive (tried some blech), and a brussell top for experimentation!

Not bad Mrs B, not bad!  Also the broad beans are showing signs of life!  YAY :o)

So that was an eventful year!  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  I'll see you on the other side (in 2012 not the afterlife!)

Chat soon X

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas crossness

I have been at my new job for just over 6 months now.... a 6 month contract that is due to end on the 31st December.  I've worked my nuts off for 6 whole months, (not that I was planning on relaxing) and you rewarded me with advising that "YES you are worthy, you can join the fold with a PERMENANT position"  or until you change your mind and tell me YESTERDAY that you can only give me a 6 month extension.

Swear words Swear words SWEAR WORDS!

I do understand the reasoning - I am after all a reasonable adult after all.  HOWEVER - did this just occur to you yesterday?  17 days before the end of the contract when I am truly fucked in terms of finding something else!  YOU SHITBAG!  I cant even yell at you you're my boss for gods sake.

Yours pissed off......

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Round up part 2!

Hi there

You may well ask what happened to Round up part one?  Well I wrote it all out and managed to loose it!  BAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!  So now you are just getting highlights!

Broad beans - planted a few weeks ago - not up yet what to do?  Does it really matter can start again in spring!

Garlic - Sprutting and sprouting allllllll over the joint!  Brill

Lettuce - still lettucing - liking the oak leafed type but not the curly so much....

Trying to think of what to do next year.... Will try a few different things but have to realise most of the rest of the family don't really like "different" coloured things - if Mr B points at ANOTHER yellow tomato and asks me whats that - I shall killim!  I shall stick to "tried and tested" for ordinary things - but shall try a coupla new things like kohl rabi I think....  Oh and the squash were a marvellous hit!  My mother and brother scoffed em all!

Anyhoo - less than two weeks till Xmas - do not think I will get any veg on the table on the day - sprouts (curly and regular) are a severe disappointment!  Will take advice from an old timer next season.

Anyway - I'm off to look at the catalogues - may get to the lottment this Saturday - may have to as some thieving beggar has plundered my bank account - "crappy sprout for Xmas anyone?" 

chat soon X