Monday, 3 December 2012


Hey I ave finally got the garlic in the ground!  Whoooo hooooo!  Although having had a chesty cough and three days off work last week, it was looking dicey for this weekend too!  However like a good girl I got up, packed my lottie bag, guilt tripped Mr B into coming with me an off we set. 

I used the top bed for this as I have not had onions in it before and it will be nearly a whole section of the allotment planted up!  I have varieties messidrome, germidor, edenrose, chesnok red and elephant garlic.  I can't remember off the top of my head in which order though I did do a nifty little diagram!  Beside that I do have three rows of eschallot grise, apparently a prized ingredient (excellent marketing which I fell for!) and then only two of electric red onions.  This was all I could fit in as a) I haven't dug enough and b) the ground which was slightly uncovered at this edge and was frozen.  I reckon there are about as many again which I didn't get to plant so I will come back to these in the spring perhaps....

And as for broad beans.... sigh ... not done. I have a vague entertainment of starting them off at home in loo rolls and then when the ground is soft again in spring putting the little plantlets in the ground like that.  So the advantage of growing them early in to non frozen compost and hopefully and early harvest to combat the greenfly... I shall think on it.  I may have some free time on Tuesday. 

Having my pre Xmas haircut tonight (have had a bit of a hair disaster vis a vis colouring and over straightening and now some of the ends break!) and then Weds running club if I'm fit enough and Thursday Choir is singing in Marlow... Just have to learn my solo for "all over the world" by ELO.  Oh yes a solo and this time by clever choosing I don't have to share!  YAY!  Mine all MINE!

Anyway back to the allotment, I got the planting done and Mr B took down the beans and the poles and helped me re-spread the tarpaulin over a bit lower down the plot.  Looks much neater and ready for the long winter.  I doubt I will get anything else done until its chilli time next year.... apart from the broad beans that is.... eventually :o)

Hope you're all well and Chat again soon X

Ciao for now !!!

Friday, 23 November 2012

When will I see you again?

Hi there!

I must admit to a heinous crime... I have not been to the allotment for the past THREE weeks! shocker.  I think that apart from the depth of winter this is the longest that I haven't been since I got it!  I couldn't be bothered the first weekend, then had a family funeral to attend and was mega busy last weekend.  Sigh.  Must do better would be my report card.

The long awaited garlic, onion and shallot order arrived!  YAY I hear you say "she can stop twanging on about it now" ALAS the weather is sooooo bad (rained all night) that I fear I wont be able to get there this weekend either..... BAH - I also have to drop the car off for its MOT Saturday so that's out anyway.  We will see what happens on Sunday.  Maybe I can go and cut the beans down at least!

I think I will start the broad beans anyway at home.  I can then get them out when the weather is drier.  Yeah thats a plan stan.

Diet is going well.  Still on the Dukan and about 9 lbs down so all good.

Work is slightly frustrating still - they are still fannying about and no further contract has been offered.  Really hoping for a permanent one this time (as always).  I wouldn't say no to an extension but I would seriously start to look for something else.  My boss has promised me a definitive answer by the end of the month.  7 days it is then.... (watch this space I suspect it will be just like last time and only be offered something 2 days before the end!)

Anyway Christmas is coming.  Need pressie ideas for Mr B.  sigh.

Better get on Ciao for now and chat soon X

OOOOOOOoooh - Films - ARGO is the best film I've seen for AAAAAAAAAAGES!  Go SEE GO SEE :0)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Like a cream cake at fat club

Well a moan then a retraction, now a moan again...  I KNOW it says on your website I can expect them any time from September - December but DAGNAMIT I want my onions, garlic and shallots NOW.  The bed is ready and raring to go.  I finished digging it all on Saturday and its looking inviting - like a cream cake at a weight watchers fat club.  I haven't started my broad beans either, but one of the people at the allotments who knows what he's doing (not just guessing like me), says he just bungs the seeds in the prepped bed in November and leaves them to it.  Less work = less work so I like the sound of it!

Anyhow - back to cream cakes (drool).... I have started the Dukan Diet after having bumped in to a friend (we'll call her Maude*) at the garden centre natch, and commenting on how good she looked and what plan was she doing - this is a normal convo for me and this particular friend - we met at a slimming world class and only lost a fiver a week and an hour of our time!  But we gained a friendship that is largely based on slimming, our respective allotments and swapping weight loss plans.  "The Dukan diet" she replies "and I get to eat food!" - a low blow I thought as she knew I'd been doing a meal replacement milkshake diet, "I've lost two stones in 6 weeks" she trilled knowing how to hook me!  "tell me more" says I - and a week later I've ditched the milkshakes and am on a low carb, low fat roller-coaster WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  She was right it is FAB to eat!  Mmmmmm best of all I get to cook, which I miss.  I cant  knock the not eating Cambridge/slim n save - I have lost THREE stones (Maude* THATS THREE STONES) since January (in bursts - I have eaten food in between!)

I don't think it covers cream cakes though... Ooooh and I'm making Maude* come to choir with me on Monday - so dont tell me its not a loving an giving relationship!  Oh ho no!

Anyway I am off to Derbyshire for a Family thing this weekend so its unlikely that they will be providing me with made to measure diet food so lets see how we get on.

I hope there's cake!

Ciao for now, chat soon X

*UGLY substitute names given to protect the guilty innocent

Monday, 15 October 2012

Well butter my buttocks and call me Susan

After a rather disparaging post on Friday maligning Thomson and Morgan and their Customer service - I am rather forced to eat my words.  I did indeed email them on Friday at 3.36pm - I received a reply at 3.49pm.  Good news - Not only have I ordered Garlic and Shallots but some onions too!  Bad news - I have to do lots more digging to get the beds ready!  Oooops :0)

I got the the lottie on Saturday and have made a good start on this years potato bed - I will be putting the overwintering things here.  I'll get it dug over and then whap in the onions, garlic, shallots (broad beans too if they will fit), then I can make a start on the others in my own good time.  Having stuff in the ground overwinter really encouraged me this year as I could always see that some of the allotment was actually doing something and looked good.  So the more that I get sorted out now the better.

Also got hailed on and soaked to the skin but never mind!  Worth it - came home with yet MORE beans - the Frenchies are STILL flowering!  WOW.

Anyway this means more work to prep them for freezing.  Thank god for Chest freezers.  :o)

Have a good week and chat soon X

Friday, 12 October 2012

Not a whole lot going on...

As the season draws to a close, I find I am spending a lot less time at the plot and spending my time doing things like (don't faint) jogging.  I am still going tot he plot either Saturday or Sunday for a couple of hours but that's all I seem to be able to muster at the moment.  The beans perversely are still producing beans although at this time of year a lot of them are on the tough side.  One set of french beans were flowering like mad last week but I am sure that we'll get frost before too long.  Maybe I should wrap them in  fleece to give the beans a fighting chance!   Who knows we could be picking until November at this rate.  Everything else has definitely given up the ghost.  I think I have ordered some garlic but I think I have deleted the email confirmation and now cant remember if I have some coming or not.  How long should I wait?  Should I just bung some in and then if I get what I think I've ordered see it as a bonus???    I don't know it just seems like too much effort.  I think I'll email T&M and see if they can trace an order to this address..... although they are notoriously shit with emails... phone calls... service.... sigh... I have two hopes!

I am however thinking of controlling the paths better (gaining some control) by laying down spare carpet.  I meant to do this this year too!  I'm crap really aren't I? however this will mean that I'm not spending the majority of my time strimming or cutting with shears!  There are some paving slabs at work which the handyman has not only said I can have but he will deliver too!  So we should be able to have a paved area for two next year instead of just one!  YAY two seats!  :) I also have some plans involving wooden pallets..... However we'll see if I can get the carpet thing done first eh!  I think I'll measure up at the plot and then cut the stuff at home which should make it a bot more transportable.  I am only a girl after all - a good one however there are limits to my capabilities!

Films watched recently: Judge Dred - Good, Looper - Great, The Sweeney - Excellent!  Thank god the school holiday kids shit is out of the way!  

Right lets go and put another job off.... Google here I come!

chat soon X

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

2 weeks in Greece (or how many women can you get reading 50 Shades of grey round a pool?)

Hi there!

Its that time of year again when me and Mr B take our annual sojourn to hotter climes.  We love Greece and the Greek Islands as the weather is pretty much guaranteed at this time of year.  We went to Kefalonia and were not disappointed.  The weather was mostly at the 30 mark (apart from some spectacular storms) Hotel FAB and we even did an Island tour (very interesting) we saw gorgeous beaches, an underground lake and a secret cave with stalagmites and stalactites, a winery and a variety of pretty villages. We ate like piggy porkers and now my belt has had to be let out!  The majority of the time was spent reading, sunning and swimming.  And now I'm back to work and the rain!  YUK  Cmon Mr B win the lottery for goodness sake!

On my return I had a letter from the local authority offering me an allotment... nearby...  DIMELLA...... but I hear you cry "you already have your own allotment".  Those of you who haves staved off the boredom and managed to stay awake from the beginning of this blog will know that this is in fact my brothers allotment.  I was roped in to help (also known as you'll do it for me wont you?) and this allotment is near my brothers house which is 30 minutes from me (if I break land speed records).  I have had my name on the local list in the hope of having a plot of my own nearer home....  My brother is now qualified as an osteopath (just recently)  Very proud of him too.  So in theory he should now have more time to start to pick up the reigns.  However only bean picking seems to have occurred while I was away.  I love my little plot I've worked hard (ish)  it also gives me Saturdays with my Mum and they do water and pick stuff while I am away.  So with a heavy heart I turned them down on this occasion.  I did however make up an excuse and asked to remain on the list.  Next time I may not feel like sticking with it on his plot (especially when he's being critical!).

I have lots of pics of my produce that I have not yet posted so will have to catch up soon.  I do point you however in the direction of my fave veggie website and their Virtual Veg Show (I have several entries) so you can have a gawp there!    You can also see a few fine examples of fruit and veg grown by accomplished growers.  I can only dream    Virtual Veg Show 2012

Anyhoo - I have yet to get down to the lottie to check on progress.  I will update soon

Until then YIAMAS - as they say in Greece!  :o)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Its harvest time!

As hard as we work all year round it really is this time of the year that I love the best.  Long days spent doing what I love best and reaping the rewards.  Lots of dinners with stuff I can point to and say "I grew that!", "and that, and THAT too!"

I have at last realised my dreams of actually having too many peas and I have some gently freezing on a tray, ready to be bagged.  I made my first batch (of hopefully many) of courgette and feta muffins (although I didn't have enough feta so bunged cheddar in instead) as we are rapidly approaching a courgette critical mass.  Mr B will shortly be heard darkly muttering "one more courgette and I will explode".  But until that hits I can still quietly enjoy my new potatoes, peas, courgettes (beans soon fingers crossed).

I actually gave away a cucumber and some chilli's yesterday!  Spread the love!  :o)

I leave you with a pic...

Not that I'm showing off or owt.....

Okay maybe just a little!  :o)

Now I'd better go, I'm at work (yes again on a Saturday) oh Joy!

Chat soon X

Friday, 3 August 2012

From the Sublime to the ridiculous

In  month that has featured some of the worst rain, hail, quick build me an ark or I'll float away days, to the sunniest of heatwave, flip flop wearing, sunburnt nose, get me an ice-cream now days.  The same extremes can be seen in the veg patch.

from the tiniest of tomatoes
to the largest of the radishes!

Yes that IS a 5p!  The variety is sweet pea current and the plant is enormous, sprawling everywhere in the conservatory.  I knew they would be small but I thought they would at least be a blueberry type size!

I have also Picked one of my Black cherry tomatoes and last night my first white Oxheart...  It was  very meaty with no seeds at all that I could see!  I ate it in a courgette and Aubergine bake!  Along with another couple of Toms from the shop!  YUMMY

Mmmmm Finally with the bit of sun we have had the courgettes are finally doing summat to earn their keep
Yes these both ARE courgettes!  The one on the left is a Blanco Medio Largo I think from seeds of Italy and the one on the right is a Yellow One ball from a seed swap (twas the courgette in my courgette and aubergine bake!  Courgettes are great.  Last time I went to the lottie, the plant had one miserable looking fruit, then this visit I picked three of the One Balls.  I just know there will be more waiting my arrival this weekend!  YAY

My peas are going great guns, so we have had a good few dinners with those, and My chilli's are just going CRAY-ZEEE they are absolutely laden.  In fact I have a couple in the windowsill that have grown right up to the top of the window.  I think I need to stop them now before they topple and break. Blinkin' covered in blossom and fruits though YAY!  The Garlic I Picked has been disappointing and is rotting away.  I am trying to separate the ones that I think will keep from those that wont in an effort to get some to keep for a few months!  Never mind I don,t think it was ;bad for a first attempt.  I thank the garlic for keeping me going when nothing else was in the ground!

The beans have enjoyed the sun too, however are still not all the way up the poles and are just starting to flower.  I was picking runners this time last year I think.... must read back... also not sure that we'll get much off the French beans at all either.  Booooo.  I think I shall have to start thinking about what we can get in to overwinter so it looks like something is growing!

Anyway that's pretty much it.  Ooooh on my own at work AGAIN at the mo - My colleague has broken her foot.... in a spinning class - don't ask, it makes me judder to think about it!  I also have to work tomorrow double booooooo!  Should get to the Lottie and praps the cinema on Sunday though... Ted is out.   I hope its good - Batman the dark knight rises was AWESOME!  Another hit!  :)

Okay then lets have another snigger at my tomatoes

Monday, 16 July 2012

EEEEEEK its hideous!

Hi Guys

I did get to the Lottie on Saturday - I did grub about in the mud for a couple of hours, but gave up after that.  It was thoroughly depressing and damp.  Still I cleared a few weeds and all of the allotments on site seem to be a bit ragged, so I'm not alone.

I did pick some lettuce which seem to carry on regardless, some more peas, sugar snaps (which are now too overgrown) some GIANT radish some bonus broad beans that have popped out of nowhere, and duh duh duuuuuuuh the first of the GOOOSEGOGS!

To which end I made a pie...

Errrr Can I just state that it would have worked better if the recipe had told me to remove it from the paper and not roll the pastry so thin (and I hadn't just been a bit laissez faire with the ingredients!)  It did taste good though!  YUM.

Saw The amazing Spiderman yesterday - it was Awesome.  What 3D has been waiting for!  Also watched this week was - seeking a friend for the end of the world - again very good, a lovely love story, and the Green Lantern - I am loving the superhero films at the mo!

Anyway I'd better go I'm at work!  LOL

Chat soon X

Friday, 13 July 2012

Picture time

Hi there

Now as you all know its still raining torrents every day.  so not too much has happened.  Think my outdoor toms are going to die without producing anything.  I digress.  We have still managed a few harvests so I thought that instead of moaning at what is doing badly I'd have a little show and tell.

So here is a pic of my Garlic harvest (next to my only but fine looking aubergine) the one bulb I have taken into the kitchen and three of the four cloves that went into our dinner last night!  YUM  Strong though - I don't know why I thought it wouldn't be as strong as "Shop" garlic!


My cukes in the conservatory are doing really well - They are both mini varieties one home grown and another from B&Q  lovely - we haven't had to buy cucumber for weeks!

My first Chilli of 2012 (also in last nights dinner ) a purple gusto - again taken aback at the "purpleness"  Brill!

And here are my sugar snap peas - even Mr B likes these and he's not keen on regular peas!

Also we are having good potatoes - early varieties.  Particularly the pentland javelin!

I am looking forward to going tomorrow as I didn't get there last weekend - we had a family wedding to go to (I think my liver is still recovering!)  Mind you its forecast rain so we'll see!

Chat soon X

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Squeaky bum time!

Well once again its been a long time since my last post.  Think I am just about managing once a month now...apologies! 

Well things are still wet, windy and a bit dull all round.  Although we are having a few more dry days and some sunshine its rare to have a full day without a drop of the wet stuff.  My garlic has rust and some sort of rot, but I still think that I'll get some.  I will have to wait and see!  We have been picking lettuce and a few radish but the first thing to come up was the broad beans!  As you may know I only planted about 6 plants last year and they all succumbed to black fly (YUK) so this year I overwintered and got a few beans!

I WILL be doing this again but I'll do LOTS AND LOTS - A whole bed I think!  They were scrummy and Mum liked them too :o)

I picked the first new pots this week - smashing - some swift (not very many and small) and Pentland Javelin... Very good will get these again!  I have had about 5 strawbs also and a few raspberries (although I wasn't keen they were a bit flavourless)  I have planted courgette, sweetcorn, runners, borlotti beans, and french beans, beetroot spring onion and radish... I think that's it.  Goose-gogs are absolutely laden with fruit and are nearly ready a week or two should do it!  We've been gorging on rhubarb I've masses in the freezer and we eaten loads too.

I have ordered some more runners and more frenchies and some Brussels sprouts.   I really thought that I was going to have a bad year for runners as last year I poked the seeds two to a cane and they just came up and romped away.  This year no show - until I paid for the extras that is.... I swear the next day they poked their cheeky heads up.... we are going to have beans coming out of our arse holes!  Good job we all like beans! 

Works been okay - Contract finishes on Friday, was told to expect a year extension on account of my stirling work, was told yesterday there may be nothing for me at all come Monday... told today I just scraped through on a further 6 months extension.... bugger it really was a bit... well squeaky bum time.  My boss said if he keeps me he'll have to a) loose someone else in the team, b) loose one of the catering managers/post room supervisor or c) give up the new receptionist role and get my colleague to do it....  crap.  I think he's gone with "c".  Great now I feel relieved and like super shit too.  Thanks for sharing!  I get the impression I may not be so lucky next time.  I also think that the rest of the team won't like the new arrangement as they get on well with my colleague (she's been there a lot longer as well as being lovely)  Bumpy ride ahead I feel.

Saw "Rock of ages" at the cinema - worst film I've seen in ages avoid like the plague....

Took part in a guinness record attempt with the choir on Saturday!  Most people singing and dancing at once we will have to wait and see if they accept it - I will post news.

Also at home I have a nice fat aubergine coming a few tomatoes at last and saw the first chili today!

Mr B and the cat are well :o)

In other news (cant remember if I have posted before) I have joined a running club - so together with the 3 stones I've lost this year - Ive never felt better. 

Rights its bed time so I'm off.  Chat soon X

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mud, mud glorious mud

Oh dear - I seem to be starting every post this year with "oh dear its been so long since I have posted"!  So I won't this time.  I would love to be out gardening and getting on with stuff BUT my dear girls and boys it has done nothing but rain for approximately the last 6 weeks.  So apart from twice in the last month, I haven't really been to the lottie at all! 

Its still in a reasonable state as I already got the potatoes in (just in time).  I have had some plants suffering for aaaages at home (peas) and some lettuces and beetroot which I have meant to plant out every two weeks.  I managed to get them in the ground the weekend before last.  I only managed about an hour this weekend, a quick hoe and a tidy..

You would however think that this means ALL my plants at home are up to date with being sown and potted up and on and hardened off.... errrrrr well.... least said eh!  I put some tomatoes straight out yesterday, well they have been a bit cool in the conservatory as Ive had the window open so it has helped!  They've two hopes anyway!  The squashes have been potted up along with my aubergine (which I cheated and bought from B&Q) and put along with the Achocha into the plastic greenhouse (aka the blowaway)  I also potted up the cucumber (similarly cheating by buying from B&Q couldn't resist) and this however is going to stay in the conservatoire along with about one each of the tomato varieties.  I want to see the difference between indoor grown and outdoor grown plants!  :o)  apart from scorching obvs.

Anyway the only think I have picked recently was some white sprouting broccoli - (divine shall try and get the plants again this winter), and Rhubarb.... I have made rhubarb  schnapps, wine, crumble and (my fave) rhubarb and custard pie!  MMmmmm V easy recipe!  YUM  looking forward to more...  I have also open frozen about 5 baking trays full already, and I've just this second picked another armful from the garden... how long till we are sick of it do you think (hopefully never!)  I would really love a cake recipe so if any of you have some do let me know! 

Anyway I hope that its no so long till I have summat to report apart from the rain.... or else my name will be mud....   :o(

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Hi there

Well I've left it too long to post again and I'm sure I am going to forget half of what I have been doing!  With record temperatures last weekend of up to 20 degrees, I took the opportunity of a free Saturday to finish digging the potato patch and get them planted up.  I have five different varieties this year so we are going to see which we like the mostest. I have four rows of five, Ulster prince, Foremost, Pixie and....... (forgot) and then three rows of fiveish Pentland Javelin.  They are all earlies so I can get them all up in time for the courgettes, squash and corn!  I have planted them a little later than last year but still a bit earlier than some.  Some people save potato planting until Easter time!
I have also got the lushest looking garlic patch!  They are about five inches high some of them.  I am trying to tack successional growing this year so have sown more peas and beetroot in modules. I  have also started off some Lettuces in modules to get a head start.  I have Potted up my tomatoes and will do the same with the chilli's tonight hopefully.  Also the lettuce that I put in before christmas in the autumn is still alive... not sure about eating it now but WOW survived against all the odds.

I took part in a flashmob with my choir on Sunday... we were raising funds for sports relief!  Waht a FAB thing to do it was really great.  So I will leave you with a video!

Chat soon

Friday, 9 March 2012

Long time no post!

Dearest reader

No I haven't been abducted by aliens, kidnapped or died.... I have been what is commonly known as lazy.  So mucho apologias for the non posting of late.  I have started a few more things off however so we are off to a flying start.

My windowsill is currently hosting my 10 chilli's as detailed already, but is now sporting a few tomatoes too.  I have done four each of Roma, Koralik, Black Cherry, Sweet Pea and Marmande.... I think thats it :o)  Ooooh and a coupla Jalapeno peppers too. 

I was late in getting potatoes but I now have a selection chitting in my conservatory.  Lots of light and relatively cool so we get lots of fat sprouts.  I got far too many of course... Pentland Javelin, I got a big bag of these so have about 30, the a friend gave me 5 of hers and I got another 5 of three other varieties as they were on offer... (cant miss an offer!)  I guess I will plant the 5 of each variety and then as many Pentland Javelin as I can fit in.  I will then leave them on the allotment bench in case anyone else wants them!  They are all early varieties as I want the space back for courgettes and squash!

I also have a module tray which contains, greyhound cabbage, beetroot, red cabbage and cauliflowers!  I've only done beetroot out of those before so fingers crossed.  One of the plots at the allotment has a row of PERFECT red cabbages.... needless to say I can only dream of such cabbage perfection and was jealous.... I will get a red cabbage.

I have not been to the allotment for a few weeks now... Been busy with Mr B's 40th and there has been snow etc.... I do hope to get there on Saturday as I neeeeeeed to give the potato patch a dig over!  LATE LATE LATE I know - as always.  I'm guessing I should dig up some of the last years stuff too, sprouts - useless, curly kale - tiny, leeks - tiny and floppy!  Anyhoo cant wait to get stuck in.  If I get time I may put up some pics of the seedlings! 

Ooooooh wonder if the Rhubarb is starting to come up!  YAY  must get the Vodka in  - rhubarb vodka is LUSH

Chat soon X

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Happy New Growing Year that is!

This time last week I got my first seeds sown.  A smattering of early chilli's so that they get a good long season and yesterday the general consensus was that they would appear!  I sowed two each of Chocolate Habanero's, Orange Habanero's, Numex Twilight, Purple Gusto and Yellow Scotch Bonnet!  These are all new varieties for me, I've never done the big hitting habs and bonnets before - but as a real chilli lover where hot is not hot enough I CANT WAIT!

I have quite a few up and at em already - I will post pictures later - cant access my hotmail at work!  :0)

On another note - now Christmas is out of the way I can post a pic of my chilli hampers that I made for gifts (sorry PB you knew it was me!)

They got good reviews!

I could be really EVIL (Insert laugh MWAH HA HA HA) and make chilli jam out of the scotch bonnets and Habaneros this year  LOL - we'll just have to wait and see!

Anyway Its great to have the growing season (ish) underway!  HAVE A GOOD ONE EVERYONE!

Chat soon X

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Will I or wont I?

Hi there

Will I sow early tomatoes and chilli's?  I swore not until later last year....

but I have some habanero chilli's to try and scotch bonnet....

Whats the harm...

the early ones all failed last year....

and you swore you wouldn't....

Cant hurt...

<<<<scuttles off for the heated propagator>>>>

Chat later... :o)

Yeah really like I was ever going to be able to wait!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another problem with wind

Okay okay I know they're affectionately known as Fartichokes but bloody hell!  Jerusalem Artichokes really lived up to and beyond their reputation.  Having not eaten them before we were looking forward to this slightly nutty, potatoey, if a little bit windy treat.  First off I burnt them a little bit and they had a funny aftertaste.  After a few parps on the sofa I though Hmmm thats not so bad...

OMG that night I nearly blew myself out of bed - and with the gales raging outside and trees and fences blowing down all around, not much sleep was occuring in this house.  Not sure about Mr B yet.... I think he was unaffected... normally he is a bit delicate.  Maybe he was just suffocating :o)

Thank god the chokes are in the top allotment which isnt mine now!  As I've been told the only way to get rid of them is to move.

All in all a bit windy round here! EEEEK  :o(