Monday, 28 February 2011

Rain stops play - AGAIN!

Why is it that the rain could rain any day of the week - but it chooses to be lovely during the week then piddle down (literally) at the weekend?  I got lots done at home however and had a furious bed-stripping/washing/drying/buying/washing the new stuff/ironing and remaking the bed session!  I also cleaned the Kitchen - Mr B pushed the hoover round a bit and looked very pleased with himself!

Sunday was gorgeous in the morning - enough to lull me into a false sense of security and put some washing on the line.... no sooner had I left the house, got to the allotment and started digging, did it start to rain... oh well another few forkfuls of weeds out!  However Mr B didn't notice the washing and its still there now quite frankly!  Well I'm sure it will dry sooner or later :o)

I also need to re-do my plot plan.  I figure my "Squares" are approx 8and a bit by five foot and I could happily get ten of these squares in  side by side (with generous paths).  This will take me up to just over halfway up where the soft fruits are and then there are a few "long row" beds past there.  Must get busy with excel (or my trusty paper, pencil and ruler)  Lots more work required...

On the seedling front, tomato's continue to fare badly although I still have seven as a surprise one has popped up out of nowhere in a pot where one has died YAY.  I put them all back into the heated propagator for some extra tlc to see if I can keep some alive...  aubergines are a go-go though and I have one paper pot with three in and the other two have two each (the seed was old forgive me I didn't expect them all to come up) And the chilli's are okay - although I pulled one out the other day by mistake... Need to sow more - No sign of my sweet peas yet...

We went to see the film "Paul" on Friday - I cant recommend it enough - lots of swearyness but brilliant!  go see it if you can. 

Job news - I went for a job interview near Oxfordfr Circus Last Wednesday (Mr B's birthday) and I have been called back for a second interview - just don't know when yet.  I loved it, the people who interviewed me were great - fingers crossed people!!!

Chat soon X

Saturday, 19 February 2011

New beginnings

Well fellow veg bloggers!  It certainly does help to let it all out now doesn't it!  Since I last posted I have been feeling a WHOLE lot more positive!  It really is good to have a good rant and really move on...

Spent a good few hours at the allotment last Saturday, dug just over half of a whole new bed.  (legumes I think)... and formulated some of a plan of how to carry on I'm thinking of square beds and will try and do a proper plan this week (yes I'll post it too!).

I got sowing too... did five more chillis - Yellow hot wax - they never came up in the last sowing, ring of fire and hot rainbow.  And three pots with aubergines.  I did put more than one seed in these as they were dated 2008. But now I have one pot with two seedlings, and some of the chillis have popped up already!  WOW.  Looking forward to having lots of properly productive chillis this year, I felt a little cheated last year.  I ordered chillis from T&M and I feel they came really late... so with the rubbish summer they didn't get long enough to mature.  This way I can make sure they have a REEEEEEEEEly long season.  (fingers crossed anyway!)

I potted up my early tomatoes this week - and most of them have drooped and died.  BAH  I think that this is what they call "damping off" but never fear... I have seven that look like they are going to make it and I have masses of seeds so will do more a bit later on!  (yes at the proper time I KNOW :O))

Got "THE APPOINTMENT" - EEEEEEKKKK - Am now terrified - 22nd March.

Anyway have had a lovely day today - visited my Mum - went shopping for a few bits for mr B's b'day and have watched girlie things on TV (well gotta make the most of being a footie widow havent I)  More of the same tomorrow I think.

Ooooo Saw the Kings Speech - Fab,  not sure what we will catch tomorrow there is a lot out at the mo - maybe The Boxer as its been out a little while and we dont want to miss it..

I may have an interview next Wednesday so fingers crossed X

Chat soon all X

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Swings and Roundabouts

Or should that be see-saws?

So far I am getting the opinion that this blog is a little down in the dumps.  Far from miserable normally I find myself in somewhat of a slump.  Crappy temp job - paying not very much, health - arthritis and infertility (having a problem with my fingers in particular and waiting for IVF), and a stream of petty stupid little slights and misfortunes that one would normally shrug off.  So I am going to get it all out and then, if you're still there, draw a line under it all, paste a smile on it and consign it to the past (and experience).

If you ever ring a hotline - support line or similar (I know I've done it myself) please spare a thought for the person on the end.  They can not help the crappy service that you receive - all I do here is log the calls and send them off into the ether... however it is me that gets yelled at.

Why oh why is it that when I have a HUGE exciting day out planned (in fact the ONLY thing I have planned for this entire year...) that this is the very day that my beautiful nephews christening is planned for (in May can I add) - why so far in advance???  An upside to this is I am sure they are going to ask me to be godmother... a position which I have yet to hold!  Anyway I am to miss out on going to WEMBLEY stadium to sing with my choir....

This one I feel particulary guilty about - one of my best friends has had a baby this week and quite frankly there is a small stab of a jealous feeling - we used to chat about those that had gone over to the dark side of cracked nipples, nappies and weaning etc... and now I'm left behind...

Why can't people let you know if your application is unsuccessful?

Why don't my friends ever ring me? (don't say probably because she is a miserable cow :o)

And finally where are my engagement and wedding rings???  I never take them off (well I did when I had my carpal tunnel surgery a coupla months ago - but that was it) seriously I wash up with them on, dig and decorate and I look down on Tuesday evening and see a bare finger.  One would be misfortunate but both <<<faints>>>


^^^ see that ^^^ there is my line well and truly drawn - and if you are still reading.... WELL DONE and welcome to my cheerful blog!  :o)  Now my beforementioned gorgeous nephew has learnt a new trick...  If you say "AWWWWWW Bless" - He giggles... He's only six months old!!!

My friend also afore mentioned has had a gorgeous baby girl and I am thrilled for her - I know they have been trying for quite some time and this is going to make their family complete and happy!  can't wait to meet her.

I have been working on my plot plan I have a page of A4 note book and am drawing in where my crops are going to go.  I have runner beans, peas bush/french and borlotti beans in place, onions, carrots, leeks, garlic and spring onion parsnip and beetroot!  I am trying to plan it so I know how much of everything to order and or grow indoors in order to plant out.  I dont want to grow 200 cabbages and then only have room for 10!  So I am spending time with my veg books and my ruler (and a calculator) and trying to do some sums.  I will post the plan when I have finished it! - please no laughing...

They are selling potatoes at the lottie hut on Saturday - So I am going to go and introduce myself and buy some seed spuds and onion sets while I'm at it!  I hope I can get someone to give me the low down on the site do's and don'ts too!  YAY can't wait

Its all probably going to be very wrong!  but its fun - So there!

Chat soon :o)  X

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wet 'n Wild

The weather that is - what where you thinking!!!  So I have stayed indoors and been domestic.  To anyone who knows me this would be acomplete shock... my best friend and I always maintain that dull women have imaculate houses - and neither of us are dull!  Again I was going to pot up the tomato's and start some more things but have not got around to it.  The computermebob and the tv are far tooo distracting.  So when Mr B comes back from footie he will have a shock and a loooovley sparkly kithcen.

Anyhoo due to lack of activity (and figuring out how to plug in the camera to the new computermebob) I have a few pics of the plot!
Okay - This is from the top looking down (there is a slope involved)

And this is the other direction looking up!

A puzzle for anyone who cares about it!  If you can identify this then there is a prize... okay maybe not a prize but I'd like it a whole lot....!

And while your at it let me know what this is too!  Answers on a postcard please!  :o)
Anyway, thats it for the piccies.  Been really bad diet wise this week EEEEK.  I'm doing the Cambridge plan which is basically three of their sachets/bars a day and nothing else... I've done the opposite today and eaten toast, chinese nibbles, crisps and pistachio nuts..  crap.  I've just started to notice the difference in my clothes - I have lost 19lb in three weeks so not too bad... cmon chalk a line under it and carry on. 

No job news this week.  My sidekick and I at the temp job I've got have been laughing ourselves silly this week at one or two of the customers and been generally adolescent about it all.  Someone from India sent us an email chasing for some support and advising it was now "too late" for one of her colleagues.  Some quick wit promptly sent round a picture of a hanged man in reference to her Ingrish and we were inconsolable.  I have to get out of there!  HELP!  If anyone know of any get rich schemes please message me, I promise not to let anyone elso know - or any donations would be greatfully appreciated LOL

No films yet this week.  Going to see The Kings Speech tomorrow.

Chat soon X