From Plot to Plate!

Hi there!  Me again...

I thought it might be fun to have a cooking section to either show off what I have made with what I have grown or to just share recipes and ideas for the produce that I have produced (or foraged!).

This is also going to be an aide memoir for myself for when I need some inspiration or am being generally forgetful!

Rhubarb Wine

3lb Chopped Rhubarb
1 bag of sugar
I tsp brewing yeast
1 tsp nutrient
Water to top up

Put the chopped up fruit in the bottom of the brewing bucket, pour over 1kg bag of sugar.  Leave overnight for juice to come out.  Strain the fruit and get out as much juice as you can. Put this into your demijohn and top up with water nearly to the top.  Add yeast and the nutrient fit air lock and wait.  It will take a few weeks to stop fermenting (you will see a sediment at the bottom) at this point you can syphon into a clean demijohn and wait some more weeks.  Keep doing this until the wine is clear...  This may take a few months.  Then bottle.  You can sweeten this now if you like!  I am told this gets better if you keep it for a while... But I drank it so I don't know.... hic!  :o)

Elderflower Champagne

this is Hugh fearnely-whatsisfaces recipe so I cant take any credit!

Now I am at the stage with all the ingredients in the bucket (day 2) no frothing up as yet... bugger.  I think I will have to add some yeast... I will update you on this and let you know how it turns out!