Saturday, 5 November 2011

Look what I made (Oh yes ME!)

Hi there

Now as the allotment is starting to gear down for the winter months, my mind is moving on to more practical matters of how to make the place more attractive/functional.  Now I DO have a chair on the lottie (borrowed from an abandoned allotment!) .  However the chair does get plonked wherever and the allotment isnt exactly a level wonderland!  We've already broken one chair by falling off A over T :o)  So today I took some of the abandoned slabs that I had forgotten about at the back of the garage and made this....

  TA Daaaaa!

Yes I know it doesnt look like much (it isnt) and this picture makes it look like its on the wonk (only slightly) but I did that!  And it give the chair a really solid base!  Well, its enough for one chair and your feet!  Maybe a bag too :o)  I do have some more so this will get extended over to the right.  It is sited just in front of the goosegogs for easy picking and scoffing while sitting...

Another thing that I have coveted on other sites was a tool store... Not a locked one but just a few pallets nailed together to keep stuff off the ground, upright and together (and not under the gooseberry bushes )  So after having liberated a few pallets from work I made this...

It was going to be a 3 sided affair but the third side was too short and long... but two sided is enough I think!  Prolly siting it by the shit heap was a mistake too....It also might be slightly wonky but I tried to take the pic in the most flattering angle!  As you can see my tools fit neatly in the pallets themselves and the bottom palle can hold my compots, pots and watering cans are threaded over a hoe handle! 

No - sorry never going to be a carpenter but a slightly tider garnener maybe!  At least I wont going for a tumble just yet!

Chat soon X

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