Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Picture time

Hi there!  Well I think a show and tell is in order now things are being/been nearly ready to harvest, don't you???

 Not many of these are making it home!
 Super yummy red electric onions - This is the only time I've had any success with onions :-)
 Shallots - Split in to many shallots but dissapointingly small
 Garlic - Germidor - Absolutely FABBY crop and strong with it!  YUM
 Courgetterama!  YAY - now who thought that five courgette plants at the allotment was a good idea?  (never mind that I have another 3 at home too!)  I think this one is Atena Polka
 A good ole Defender
 Yellow ball or One ball courgette
And just look at this monster at home - If anyone can count how many there are on here they win a prize (clue I got up to 21 and then lost count!)  And I've picked two already!

right tonight I'm goign to make Nigella's "Happiness Soup" - a very good suggestion indeed from one of my fellow gardeners on the Grow your Own Magazine forum  :)

too hot for any more news

Ciao for now  :O)

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