Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Hi guys

Well Easter has been and gone.  We have been having such FAB weather we had two (YES TWO) barbeque's in the four day Bank Holiday weekend... If I even look at more BBQ meat I shall turn into a sausage... Blech its enough to make me turn Veggie (yeah right) for about two minutes!

I have mightily calmed down since my last post, and having made the decision to only work on half the allotment I have made my opinions known and others can take/leave as they wish! 

I have also hit the interweb job boards about the chops again and have two interviews lined up - one tomorrow (near Piccadilly circus!) and one next Wednesday, and another to be arranged.  If something does not come out of this flurry of activity, well I may have to rethink the whole working for a living scenario and bag myself a sugar daddy/investigate bank robbing/some type of insurance scam. Although the last may involve me wearing neck braces rather a lot, the second however could take care of the mortgage as I would probably end up living at HMP.

Royal wedding this weekend!  I for one can't wait - oooh I know its controversial - but I LOVE WEDDINGS... I'm all sentimental in "me ole age" and I love all of it.  So there.  Like the Royals or not, there is something about young love so I wish them all the best.  It's not going to be easy, but what marriage is.  PS I have royally forgiven Mr B for unfeeling, man suggestions mentioned in my last post.  Well I say forgiven, I probably sulked for an hour or so, gave vent on here and then forgot about it....   :o)

Anyway I have finally potted up all tomatoes and all but three cukes, the final counts not in but I think I went a TEENY bit berserk...  I will count them and finish potting up tonight.  May sow my squashes too...  Also completed are my Mums hanging baskets.  Pretty good if I do say so myself!  I used the new snazzy baskets and am going to attempt to put up a pic or two to illustrate the snaztasticness of them...

Hmmm that's taking longer than expected - I will try again later.

Never mind the RW - Its also my brothers 40th birthday.  I am going to get him some B&Q vouchers as this is what he wants to do up his garden.  I have to get these and a birthday card QUICK - running out of time...  We are apparently having a takeaway on friday then a Christmas dinner on Monday - random.... Mr B is pissed off as he wanted to go and watch cricket, but I am forcing him to go.  Also hope to get some allotment time, tidy the house and see Mr B.  Seeing the in laws on Saturday - but that's a whole other food issue...  Someone line me up a new diet for Tuesday, I'm gonna need it!

Have fun everyone

Chat soon X

Edit: 28/04/11

You can see how easy these baskets make it to get your plants round the sides of the baskets with the little snap in gates!  Should be great when the plants (lobelia) have grown a bit bushier :o)

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