Monday, 18 April 2011

Madness this way

Okay peeps - generally I'm quite a happy go lucky sort of a gal - but a few things get my goat.

1. When I'm upset, never ever tell me "Cheer up you're not dying or starving - lots of people are you know" or "Well I don't know what you want me to do about it" - sometimes all you have to say is "What idiots, they made a huge mistake, of course you are the best... Why let me go bop them on the nose!"

2. If you ask for my help... say oooooh with an allotment, don't rub your hands chuckle and think "What a mug" and sit back and watch me work myself to death and  invest all of my time, worry, energy and money into it!  Its supposed to be a joint project.. and you live two minutes walk away.  To only have been there once and only have done one hours worth of digging is taking the piss, and you know it. 

3. Being turned down for the job in Uxbridge which I seemed to be stupidly pinning all of my hopes on and for which I would be paid quite a bit less than I am used to and for which I had to dumb down my CV.  (Which quite neatly leads back to get my goat point number one).

Solutions for these

1.  You just wait until your football team are relegated (a very real possibility this season!)  I can't bloody wait Mr B... When that tear rolls down your cheek - I will save up that GEM and serve it straight back to you!  

2.  I can only cope with half an allotment and will never take on a project with you again. Mug I may be but a repeat offending mug I am not. 

3. Gaaaaah - send a crawling email to the nice chap who interviewed me and thank him for his time and should anything else come up Please consider me again....

Well I can only do soooo much....  I will be back soon in better humour

Chat soon X


  1. I'm guessing you have a person in your life who has wound you up like a person in my life has! Mine is on the verge of suffering saucepan ear, can't waste a cabbage after all.
    Was also told that I really shouldn't go showing off my allotment saying I've worked hard on it when it looks a mess. Mother in law couldn't manage an hour's digging let alone the 5 hours a day over 6 days just to get a patch ready for seedlings to go in that I've just gone through.
    I know where you are coming from about being helped too, mine offers to chop bushes down that really don't make any difference to what I'll be able to grow then never comes to dig when he promises he will. Keep going though, I'm following your blog from now on :-)

  2. Hi Deedlea - I think it's a huge leap from a garden to an allotment so those without one can not really know how much ahrd work it entails! Keep it up though - its worth it! :0>