Friday, 29 July 2011

Little and large

This made me chuckle, I had to share

Now I know that neither is enormous but the large one is about the width of a coke can!  This was supposed to be a Long green ridge... the one on the left is a cucino a mini variety which is cropping fairly well!  Better than any of my other cukes.... I've only had the fat one above and my other cuke is the crystal lemon featured below.  LOL

Apart from that I've had and eaten my first beef tomato, well the first one that I;ve grown myself,  I HAVE eaten other grown beef tomato's...  I ate it so quickly I didn't photograph it!  I also had my first yellow tomato from the allotment YUM really tomatoey!  sorry ate that one fast too!  In the next week I should start getting a regular supply as I have a few that are blushing through to red!  YAY.

I seem to remember posting that I had just picked my first courgette a week or so ago... I picked eight on Tuesday... Five fairly good sized green ones and three small yellows.... PHEW  then another at home last night... God knows whats in store at the allotment tomorrow!

I have caved... In the slight panic of what to put in the ground next... I have ordered plants from the tinternet webbamy bob.  I ordered an autumn winter brassica collection (Kale, broccoli and cabbages) a winter salad collection and an autumn winter oriental veg selection.  I now think that was too much at 64 plantlets per collection (sweating slightly) one has turned up already!  Others not due till end of August!  So tomorrow Mum and I are digging up the onions and we ARE going to plant all 64! 

I have also had a brainwave....  coffee grounds are good for the garden no??? I work in an office with its own costa NO???? YES and for the past coupla days I've been taking a bucket of grounds home!  Get in... I have also taken loads of cardboard.  I plan to weed and plant through this in an attempt to  keep the weeds down....  I would have taken more than one pallet too but I couldn't lift them on my own... I will get them though!  FREEBIES are great aren't they! 

I have to finish at the Lottie tomorrow by three as I'm having my hair done at 5.  I also need my eyebrows doing....I will need to de-allotment myself too (hose down) so the hairdresser doesn't take three paces back on sight!  I then need to make sausage rolls for 50 for a christening on Sunday... Phew  then I think I will collapse (pastry IS a good way of cleaning out finger nails tho....)  I'M KIDDING!  :o) 

Anyway things should start to be really busy at work from next week too  EEEEK!  Wish me luck!  :o)

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