Friday, 15 July 2011


Hi All

I hope that you've not given up on me!  I've been terrifically busy in my new job and trying to work at the lottie on my days off and keep the level of dirt at home down to non plague proportions.... :0)

Anyway it was with great relief that I went into my mums yesterday as we were babysitting for littley, and my brother dolefully said he has had a call from the allotment committee who said they are taking half of the allotment back and are going to give it to someone else!  "YIPEE" says I!  "What!"  Says he...

YIP bloody PEEEEEE... I've lost sleep over the state of the bloomin' (literally) place!  Never mind the veg, the weeds are as high as an elephants eye!  I shall be sad as I have planted some Jerusalem Artichoke in that area but that was all - I shall hope that the new person will agree to share!  I will move a few strawberry plants down to my end but I think that's all!  I may even take the hedgetrimmer down and have a little tidy round for them!  So brother dear  You can be as sad as you like but no work means no lottie!

The bottom half is nearly all in use (nearly!) and in production but it really is all I can manage by myself and I've said so for AGES!  In fact every time I go I'm embarrassed so YAY someone else will now benefit from having an allotment which is always good!

I went for a quick look yesterday to see if there were any courgettes worth picking (not really but did anyway) - So impatient I was to pick my first courgette!  I also picked a little gem, peas, some oregano and TWO sticks of rhubarb!... I had to balance it all in a pouch made in the front of my Tshirt by folding it up as I hadn't taken a bag!  LOL I must have made a sight.

Anyway the home garden is coming along - nearly some courgettes here, squash are growing apace (inches daily) with some fruit showing... we will hope they are fertilized.  I have a "proper" cuke growing at last!  AND a red tomato!  I may ACTUALLY get a whole salad!  Chilli's are coming along well too and seem to have decided to fruit all at once.

So all is going well at the moment...

No Not a bit ashamed at being evicted WOOO HOOOOOO :o)

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  1. Hi Jelliebabe,

    I just read some of your blogposts with interest. I am working on a documentary about allotment life in the UK. I am keen to talk to people about their experiences in the world of allotment-holding and thought it was really interesting that you gave half of your plot back. They've always seemed a really daunting time commitment to me and something that many people must struggle to deal with.

    It would be great if you had a few minutes to chat about your experiences. You can contact me on 02074285620 or alternatively if you email me at I will happily give you a call at a time convenient for you.

    Many thanks,