Friday, 9 March 2012

Long time no post!

Dearest reader

No I haven't been abducted by aliens, kidnapped or died.... I have been what is commonly known as lazy.  So mucho apologias for the non posting of late.  I have started a few more things off however so we are off to a flying start.

My windowsill is currently hosting my 10 chilli's as detailed already, but is now sporting a few tomatoes too.  I have done four each of Roma, Koralik, Black Cherry, Sweet Pea and Marmande.... I think thats it :o)  Ooooh and a coupla Jalapeno peppers too. 

I was late in getting potatoes but I now have a selection chitting in my conservatory.  Lots of light and relatively cool so we get lots of fat sprouts.  I got far too many of course... Pentland Javelin, I got a big bag of these so have about 30, the a friend gave me 5 of hers and I got another 5 of three other varieties as they were on offer... (cant miss an offer!)  I guess I will plant the 5 of each variety and then as many Pentland Javelin as I can fit in.  I will then leave them on the allotment bench in case anyone else wants them!  They are all early varieties as I want the space back for courgettes and squash!

I also have a module tray which contains, greyhound cabbage, beetroot, red cabbage and cauliflowers!  I've only done beetroot out of those before so fingers crossed.  One of the plots at the allotment has a row of PERFECT red cabbages.... needless to say I can only dream of such cabbage perfection and was jealous.... I will get a red cabbage.

I have not been to the allotment for a few weeks now... Been busy with Mr B's 40th and there has been snow etc.... I do hope to get there on Saturday as I neeeeeeed to give the potato patch a dig over!  LATE LATE LATE I know - as always.  I'm guessing I should dig up some of the last years stuff too, sprouts - useless, curly kale - tiny, leeks - tiny and floppy!  Anyhoo cant wait to get stuck in.  If I get time I may put up some pics of the seedlings! 

Ooooooh wonder if the Rhubarb is starting to come up!  YAY  must get the Vodka in  - rhubarb vodka is LUSH

Chat soon X

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