Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Hi there

Well I've left it too long to post again and I'm sure I am going to forget half of what I have been doing!  With record temperatures last weekend of up to 20 degrees, I took the opportunity of a free Saturday to finish digging the potato patch and get them planted up.  I have five different varieties this year so we are going to see which we like the mostest. I have four rows of five, Ulster prince, Foremost, Pixie and....... (forgot) and then three rows of fiveish Pentland Javelin.  They are all earlies so I can get them all up in time for the courgettes, squash and corn!  I have planted them a little later than last year but still a bit earlier than some.  Some people save potato planting until Easter time!
I have also got the lushest looking garlic patch!  They are about five inches high some of them.  I am trying to tack successional growing this year so have sown more peas and beetroot in modules. I  have also started off some Lettuces in modules to get a head start.  I have Potted up my tomatoes and will do the same with the chilli's tonight hopefully.  Also the lettuce that I put in before christmas in the autumn is still alive... not sure about eating it now but WOW survived against all the odds.

I took part in a flashmob with my choir on Sunday... we were raising funds for sports relief!  Waht a FAB thing to do it was really great.  So I will leave you with a video!

Chat soon


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  1. I have always wanted to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!! and well done