Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Squeaky bum time!

Well once again its been a long time since my last post.  Think I am just about managing once a month now...apologies! 

Well things are still wet, windy and a bit dull all round.  Although we are having a few more dry days and some sunshine its rare to have a full day without a drop of the wet stuff.  My garlic has rust and some sort of rot, but I still think that I'll get some.  I will have to wait and see!  We have been picking lettuce and a few radish but the first thing to come up was the broad beans!  As you may know I only planted about 6 plants last year and they all succumbed to black fly (YUK) so this year I overwintered and got a few beans!

I WILL be doing this again but I'll do LOTS AND LOTS - A whole bed I think!  They were scrummy and Mum liked them too :o)

I picked the first new pots this week - smashing - some swift (not very many and small) and Pentland Javelin... Very good will get these again!  I have had about 5 strawbs also and a few raspberries (although I wasn't keen they were a bit flavourless)  I have planted courgette, sweetcorn, runners, borlotti beans, and french beans, beetroot spring onion and radish... I think that's it.  Goose-gogs are absolutely laden with fruit and are nearly ready a week or two should do it!  We've been gorging on rhubarb I've masses in the freezer and we eaten loads too.

I have ordered some more runners and more frenchies and some Brussels sprouts.   I really thought that I was going to have a bad year for runners as last year I poked the seeds two to a cane and they just came up and romped away.  This year no show - until I paid for the extras that is.... I swear the next day they poked their cheeky heads up.... we are going to have beans coming out of our arse holes!  Good job we all like beans! 

Works been okay - Contract finishes on Friday, was told to expect a year extension on account of my stirling work, was told yesterday there may be nothing for me at all come Monday... told today I just scraped through on a further 6 months extension.... bugger it really was a bit... well squeaky bum time.  My boss said if he keeps me he'll have to a) loose someone else in the team, b) loose one of the catering managers/post room supervisor or c) give up the new receptionist role and get my colleague to do it....  crap.  I think he's gone with "c".  Great now I feel relieved and like super shit too.  Thanks for sharing!  I get the impression I may not be so lucky next time.  I also think that the rest of the team won't like the new arrangement as they get on well with my colleague (she's been there a lot longer as well as being lovely)  Bumpy ride ahead I feel.

Saw "Rock of ages" at the cinema - worst film I've seen in ages avoid like the plague....

Took part in a guinness record attempt with the choir on Saturday!  Most people singing and dancing at once we will have to wait and see if they accept it - I will post news.

Also at home I have a nice fat aubergine coming a few tomatoes at last and saw the first chili today!

Mr B and the cat are well :o)

In other news (cant remember if I have posted before) I have joined a running club - so together with the 3 stones I've lost this year - Ive never felt better. 

Rights its bed time so I'm off.  Chat soon X

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