Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mud, mud glorious mud

Oh dear - I seem to be starting every post this year with "oh dear its been so long since I have posted"!  So I won't this time.  I would love to be out gardening and getting on with stuff BUT my dear girls and boys it has done nothing but rain for approximately the last 6 weeks.  So apart from twice in the last month, I haven't really been to the lottie at all! 

Its still in a reasonable state as I already got the potatoes in (just in time).  I have had some plants suffering for aaaages at home (peas) and some lettuces and beetroot which I have meant to plant out every two weeks.  I managed to get them in the ground the weekend before last.  I only managed about an hour this weekend, a quick hoe and a tidy..

You would however think that this means ALL my plants at home are up to date with being sown and potted up and on and hardened off.... errrrrr well.... least said eh!  I put some tomatoes straight out yesterday, well they have been a bit cool in the conservatory as Ive had the window open so it has helped!  They've two hopes anyway!  The squashes have been potted up along with my aubergine (which I cheated and bought from B&Q) and put along with the Achocha into the plastic greenhouse (aka the blowaway)  I also potted up the cucumber (similarly cheating by buying from B&Q couldn't resist) and this however is going to stay in the conservatoire along with about one each of the tomato varieties.  I want to see the difference between indoor grown and outdoor grown plants!  :o)  apart from scorching obvs.

Anyway the only think I have picked recently was some white sprouting broccoli - (divine shall try and get the plants again this winter), and Rhubarb.... I have made rhubarb  schnapps, wine, crumble and (my fave) rhubarb and custard pie!  MMmmmm V easy recipe!  YUM  looking forward to more...  I have also open frozen about 5 baking trays full already, and I've just this second picked another armful from the garden... how long till we are sick of it do you think (hopefully never!)  I would really love a cake recipe so if any of you have some do let me know! 

Anyway I hope that its no so long till I have summat to report apart from the rain.... or else my name will be mud....   :o(

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