Monday, 16 July 2012

EEEEEEK its hideous!

Hi Guys

I did get to the Lottie on Saturday - I did grub about in the mud for a couple of hours, but gave up after that.  It was thoroughly depressing and damp.  Still I cleared a few weeds and all of the allotments on site seem to be a bit ragged, so I'm not alone.

I did pick some lettuce which seem to carry on regardless, some more peas, sugar snaps (which are now too overgrown) some GIANT radish some bonus broad beans that have popped out of nowhere, and duh duh duuuuuuuh the first of the GOOOSEGOGS!

To which end I made a pie...

Errrr Can I just state that it would have worked better if the recipe had told me to remove it from the paper and not roll the pastry so thin (and I hadn't just been a bit laissez faire with the ingredients!)  It did taste good though!  YUM.

Saw The amazing Spiderman yesterday - it was Awesome.  What 3D has been waiting for!  Also watched this week was - seeking a friend for the end of the world - again very good, a lovely love story, and the Green Lantern - I am loving the superhero films at the mo!

Anyway I'd better go I'm at work!  LOL

Chat soon X


  1. I've been given a few gooseberry plants. I must do something with them. First I need to build a fruit bed!

  2. Just get them whacked in IG - you can always move them! I've just picked my Jaw of the floor - You read this??? <<>>> :o)