Friday, 3 August 2012

From the Sublime to the ridiculous

In  month that has featured some of the worst rain, hail, quick build me an ark or I'll float away days, to the sunniest of heatwave, flip flop wearing, sunburnt nose, get me an ice-cream now days.  The same extremes can be seen in the veg patch.

from the tiniest of tomatoes
to the largest of the radishes!

Yes that IS a 5p!  The variety is sweet pea current and the plant is enormous, sprawling everywhere in the conservatory.  I knew they would be small but I thought they would at least be a blueberry type size!

I have also Picked one of my Black cherry tomatoes and last night my first white Oxheart...  It was  very meaty with no seeds at all that I could see!  I ate it in a courgette and Aubergine bake!  Along with another couple of Toms from the shop!  YUMMY

Mmmmm Finally with the bit of sun we have had the courgettes are finally doing summat to earn their keep
Yes these both ARE courgettes!  The one on the left is a Blanco Medio Largo I think from seeds of Italy and the one on the right is a Yellow One ball from a seed swap (twas the courgette in my courgette and aubergine bake!  Courgettes are great.  Last time I went to the lottie, the plant had one miserable looking fruit, then this visit I picked three of the One Balls.  I just know there will be more waiting my arrival this weekend!  YAY

My peas are going great guns, so we have had a good few dinners with those, and My chilli's are just going CRAY-ZEEE they are absolutely laden.  In fact I have a couple in the windowsill that have grown right up to the top of the window.  I think I need to stop them now before they topple and break. Blinkin' covered in blossom and fruits though YAY!  The Garlic I Picked has been disappointing and is rotting away.  I am trying to separate the ones that I think will keep from those that wont in an effort to get some to keep for a few months!  Never mind I don,t think it was ;bad for a first attempt.  I thank the garlic for keeping me going when nothing else was in the ground!

The beans have enjoyed the sun too, however are still not all the way up the poles and are just starting to flower.  I was picking runners this time last year I think.... must read back... also not sure that we'll get much off the French beans at all either.  Booooo.  I think I shall have to start thinking about what we can get in to overwinter so it looks like something is growing!

Anyway that's pretty much it.  Ooooh on my own at work AGAIN at the mo - My colleague has broken her foot.... in a spinning class - don't ask, it makes me judder to think about it!  I also have to work tomorrow double booooooo!  Should get to the Lottie and praps the cinema on Sunday though... Ted is out.   I hope its good - Batman the dark knight rises was AWESOME!  Another hit!  :)

Okay then lets have another snigger at my tomatoes

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