Friday, 23 November 2012

When will I see you again?

Hi there!

I must admit to a heinous crime... I have not been to the allotment for the past THREE weeks! shocker.  I think that apart from the depth of winter this is the longest that I haven't been since I got it!  I couldn't be bothered the first weekend, then had a family funeral to attend and was mega busy last weekend.  Sigh.  Must do better would be my report card.

The long awaited garlic, onion and shallot order arrived!  YAY I hear you say "she can stop twanging on about it now" ALAS the weather is sooooo bad (rained all night) that I fear I wont be able to get there this weekend either..... BAH - I also have to drop the car off for its MOT Saturday so that's out anyway.  We will see what happens on Sunday.  Maybe I can go and cut the beans down at least!

I think I will start the broad beans anyway at home.  I can then get them out when the weather is drier.  Yeah thats a plan stan.

Diet is going well.  Still on the Dukan and about 9 lbs down so all good.

Work is slightly frustrating still - they are still fannying about and no further contract has been offered.  Really hoping for a permanent one this time (as always).  I wouldn't say no to an extension but I would seriously start to look for something else.  My boss has promised me a definitive answer by the end of the month.  7 days it is then.... (watch this space I suspect it will be just like last time and only be offered something 2 days before the end!)

Anyway Christmas is coming.  Need pressie ideas for Mr B.  sigh.

Better get on Ciao for now and chat soon X

OOOOOOOoooh - Films - ARGO is the best film I've seen for AAAAAAAAAAGES!  Go SEE GO SEE :0)

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