Thursday, 1 November 2012

Like a cream cake at fat club

Well a moan then a retraction, now a moan again...  I KNOW it says on your website I can expect them any time from September - December but DAGNAMIT I want my onions, garlic and shallots NOW.  The bed is ready and raring to go.  I finished digging it all on Saturday and its looking inviting - like a cream cake at a weight watchers fat club.  I haven't started my broad beans either, but one of the people at the allotments who knows what he's doing (not just guessing like me), says he just bungs the seeds in the prepped bed in November and leaves them to it.  Less work = less work so I like the sound of it!

Anyhow - back to cream cakes (drool).... I have started the Dukan Diet after having bumped in to a friend (we'll call her Maude*) at the garden centre natch, and commenting on how good she looked and what plan was she doing - this is a normal convo for me and this particular friend - we met at a slimming world class and only lost a fiver a week and an hour of our time!  But we gained a friendship that is largely based on slimming, our respective allotments and swapping weight loss plans.  "The Dukan diet" she replies "and I get to eat food!" - a low blow I thought as she knew I'd been doing a meal replacement milkshake diet, "I've lost two stones in 6 weeks" she trilled knowing how to hook me!  "tell me more" says I - and a week later I've ditched the milkshakes and am on a low carb, low fat roller-coaster WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  She was right it is FAB to eat!  Mmmmmm best of all I get to cook, which I miss.  I cant  knock the not eating Cambridge/slim n save - I have lost THREE stones (Maude* THATS THREE STONES) since January (in bursts - I have eaten food in between!)

I don't think it covers cream cakes though... Ooooh and I'm making Maude* come to choir with me on Monday - so dont tell me its not a loving an giving relationship!  Oh ho no!

Anyway I am off to Derbyshire for a Family thing this weekend so its unlikely that they will be providing me with made to measure diet food so lets see how we get on.

I hope there's cake!

Ciao for now, chat soon X

*UGLY substitute names given to protect the guilty innocent

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