Friday, 4 January 2013


OH EM GEEEEE people!  Just logged on today and I can see the read count is 2999!  It cant all be me obsessively checking and re-reading surely!

 Congratulations if your my 3000th reader - I wish I could know who you were.  I have a loyal but steady regular crew of about 10 so you can all pat yourselves on the back!

I am just at the point where I am starting to think about getting the seed stash out and starting off some chilli's.  The good think about having this blog is its easy to look back and see when I did things last year and if they worked, rather relying on my memory!

I used to know a poem that started off:

My forgetterer is getting betterer, but my rememberer is broke, to you this might sound funny but to me this is no joke!

Me in a nutshell I'm afraid - if its not written down or I'm not reminded its gone.

Anyway in other exciting news - choir - we sang in Trafalgar Square in December in aid of the Children's Hear Foundation - It was bitterly cold but FAB  R C Trafalgar Square  you can't really see me in this as my face is hidden by a massive fluffy mic but my ponytail is putting on a stirling performance.

Yet more excitement - I seem to have stumbled across my dream job...  I wont say too much here just in case but its organic, friendly, small, a little bit hippy dippy, closer to home and they want to pay me more money.  I say they do but I haven't met them yet!  I have met the lady from the agency however and it sounds AMAAAAAAAY-ZING!  I'll keep you updated.  Interviews likely to be next Weds/Thursday!

Anyway must choose what chillis to start of - numex twilights are a must!

And thanks for your support and love and just for generally reading all the rubbish I come out with


Chat soon X

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