Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hey there! Snow time blues

Dear All

******** snow stopped play *********

the end - that WAS January.....

Not sown a seed or turned a sod.  I have been lazy.  I have not even rifled through the seed packets. Most unlike me.  I have normally started Chilli's and maybe even tomato's by now.... Hmmmmm ennui strikes.

Perhaps if it snows again this weekend, I will get the house done early and spend an hour or so in the potting-shed-alike... I dooo have a few seeds (chilli's) that could be doing with getting on.  The Rainbow chilli's in particular were brill and super hot this year.  If I use one tonight I shall be sure to save a coupla the seeds!

Anyhoo - Hope that you are all finding your Mojo... If you find mine, smack its bum and send it home please :o)

Chat soon X

1 comment:

  1. Mojo not working here either! Its ennui all over again.