Thursday, 13 June 2013

Going great guns!

Hey Everybod - its all going off!  Finally caught up with myself and have spent a coupla weekends working flat out but we are there!  I have planted out nearly everything!  Just haven't got any sweetcorn this year but hey ho still have some in the freezer.

I've done a video if you please so I will see if I can upload that!  The only patch that is more or less untouched and unplanted is the bit that the brother wanted natch!  So I'll let the video do the talking on this occasion - I'm off to Corfu for two weeks tomorrow so I'll see you then.  I apologise if this video is a bit fuzzy, it was when I uploaded it to Faceache too...  But you'll get the gist!

Ciao for now XXX

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