Saturday, 18 May 2013

Vegging out!

WOW - once again - long time no post

I should work out how to set up a default template so all of my posts start like that.  To be honest have been mulling over  stopping blogging.  As much as I love having my secret little thing, a little place to blast or rant or just share, ponder and bore on about my passion for growing.... life does have a habit of getting in the way.  Work this year has been manic.  I am here now (supervising a desk install!)  I also would like to pursue other interests - would love to try dress making (other garments need not apply).  Also been having a bit of a flare with the Arthritis.  If any of you say "but you're too young for arthritis", you can line up for a slap round the chops.  Inflammatory forms of arthritis are more common in those aged between 25-40.  Anyhoo its not a pity party here but I have been exhaustipated.  When I do get to the allotment (once a week tops with the current crappy weather) I dig for a bit, sit for a bit, do a bit more, sit, dig , sit.  I'm sure the neighbours think I'm A - Batty, B - Lazy  C - BOTH!

Enough already of the excuses.  I have my tato's in (only 2-3 weeks ago so no applause please!) first earlies cant remember which off the top of my head.  Garlic, shallots and onions which I planted last year are doing really well!  I have some broad beans (currently in the car) in tray ready to go out this afternoon.  Again late but my super star allotment neighbour (I shall call him Mardy-bum) has small ones coming through and I though I could catch those up if I started them at home and I have indeed caught up size wise - just need to sink 'em!  The mother and I have prepped the runner bean station, the salad bed is all ready to go and I have dug a bit off the pea/other bean spot.

I have had a face off with the brother also about the allotment and stated that if he does not pull his finger out this year and help that I will not take on the allotment again for him next year.  His response "okay then don't"....  Slightly shocked that no row was ensuing but so be it - a line has been  drawn.  He has asked for a large bed to himself on the allotment and Mum says he has started on this section.  I didn't go last week (rain) so have yet to see the fruits of his labour (I'm not expecting too much).  He did mow the grass once though....

In other news..... errr work.... still here, still busy, still on a bloomin contract although again expecting good news this time round (yes been there heard that!)  ever the optimist.

Saw the Star Wars film last night - EPIC.  In fact if you looked up epic in the dictionary it would say watch the Star Wars film.  Not even a trekkie :o)

Anyway - I shall see if  can take some snaps today so I can piccy up the blog!

Chat soon - probably!  XXX

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