Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I feel like a right gooseberry

Hi all

Well I've been so busy in my new job I've hardly had time for anything else!  I've certainly nearly given up with FB and haven't read any of my favourite blogs for AAAAAAAAAGES..... :o(  So I thought I'd catch up and do a quick round up before Mr B  gets home!

We finally managed to paint the "bit on the side of the garage" (which I use as a potting shed)  I started to scrape it ages ago but its just rained since!  Well we got one coat on.  It does need another but its not bare naked and covered with a plastic sheet any more!

I managed to plant out all of the rest of the squash and courgettes AT LAST so finally we should get something fingers X'd.  I also got loads of grow bags so over the next day or two I shall plant out the aubergines and peppers.

Oooooh and if anyone has any recipes for gooseberries - that would be a MASSIVE help!  I've picked over 2KG then Mum went yesterday and picked 6lbs without really moving along the bushes very far.  Masses left to get.  I'm going to make some wine with some but any ideas would be great.  I've just been open freezing them so far.

Tomatoes at the allotment all seem to be unhappy but my ones at home seem to have perked up a bit... I really need some sun now please.

We had my Rock Choir summer show yesterday... Really enjoyed myself once we got going.  All the hanging about to begin with was annoying though... Or shoud I say all the moaning minnies took all the joy out of it!  Only one more session then we stop for the summer break Booooooo!  Bet we have loads of new members after the documentary!  We'll have to wait and see.

Anyway I will leave you some pics of my Cape Gooseberries!  The fruit and the flower!  Can't wait until they are ripe  :o)

Again - apart from eating them - What do you do with yours!

Chat soon X

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