Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas crossness

I have been at my new job for just over 6 months now.... a 6 month contract that is due to end on the 31st December.  I've worked my nuts off for 6 whole months, (not that I was planning on relaxing) and you rewarded me with advising that "YES you are worthy, you can join the fold with a PERMENANT position"  or until you change your mind and tell me YESTERDAY that you can only give me a 6 month extension.

Swear words Swear words SWEAR WORDS!

I do understand the reasoning - I am after all a reasonable adult after all.  HOWEVER - did this just occur to you yesterday?  17 days before the end of the contract when I am truly fucked in terms of finding something else!  YOU SHITBAG!  I cant even yell at you you're my boss for gods sake.

Yours pissed off......


  1. One of the advantages of blogging anonymously is that you can let off steam if you need to without fear of reprisals - I've achieved a huge amount of satisfaction from venting via the keyboard in the past.

    Your job situation sucks; unfortunately employers really do have employees by the short and curlies these days and there's bugger all we can do about it.

    Although you've got the extension, will it give you the opportunity to look elsewhere?

  2. Well I'm over the moon this Christmas. Reason: Despite three years of preparation, my conniving boss didn't get her way and I've not been sacked! YIPEE.