Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Round up part 2!

Hi there

You may well ask what happened to Round up part one?  Well I wrote it all out and managed to loose it!  BAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!  So now you are just getting highlights!

Broad beans - planted a few weeks ago - not up yet what to do?  Does it really matter can start again in spring!

Garlic - Sprutting and sprouting allllllll over the joint!  Brill

Lettuce - still lettucing - liking the oak leafed type but not the curly so much....

Trying to think of what to do next year.... Will try a few different things but have to realise most of the rest of the family don't really like "different" coloured things - if Mr B points at ANOTHER yellow tomato and asks me whats that - I shall killim!  I shall stick to "tried and tested" for ordinary things - but shall try a coupla new things like kohl rabi I think....  Oh and the squash were a marvellous hit!  My mother and brother scoffed em all!

Anyhoo - less than two weeks till Xmas - do not think I will get any veg on the table on the day - sprouts (curly and regular) are a severe disappointment!  Will take advice from an old timer next season.

Anyway - I'm off to look at the catalogues - may get to the lottment this Saturday - may have to as some thieving beggar has plundered my bank account - "crappy sprout for Xmas anyone?" 

chat soon X

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