Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas (ish) harvest!


Okay okay so it was the day after boxing day, but I'm still pretty impressed with my winter harvest!

LOOKIE LOOKIE!  I got baby leeks (okay they were supposed to be full sized but failed!) Cabbage (my first EVER!) Jerusalem artichokes, two sorts of lettuce, mizuna, endive (tried some blech), and a brussell top for experimentation!

Not bad Mrs B, not bad!  Also the broad beans are showing signs of life!  YAY :o)

So that was an eventful year!  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  I'll see you on the other side (in 2012 not the afterlife!)

Chat soon X


  1. Nice Haul. My leeks are exactly the same size, maybe even slightly shorter :) I got nowhere with my winter lettuces so its nice to see someone else get on with them. Think i may have given them too much warmth in the greenhouse, oops.

  2. I did cheat a little with the winter lettuces as I bought plug plants... However still cheaper than buying the lettuces in the shops! :o) Sssssh dont tell anyone!

  3. happy new year!! your produce impresses me!