Saturday, 18 August 2012

Its harvest time!

As hard as we work all year round it really is this time of the year that I love the best.  Long days spent doing what I love best and reaping the rewards.  Lots of dinners with stuff I can point to and say "I grew that!", "and that, and THAT too!"

I have at last realised my dreams of actually having too many peas and I have some gently freezing on a tray, ready to be bagged.  I made my first batch (of hopefully many) of courgette and feta muffins (although I didn't have enough feta so bunged cheddar in instead) as we are rapidly approaching a courgette critical mass.  Mr B will shortly be heard darkly muttering "one more courgette and I will explode".  But until that hits I can still quietly enjoy my new potatoes, peas, courgettes (beans soon fingers crossed).

I actually gave away a cucumber and some chilli's yesterday!  Spread the love!  :o)

I leave you with a pic...

Not that I'm showing off or owt.....

Okay maybe just a little!  :o)

Now I'd better go, I'm at work (yes again on a Saturday) oh Joy!

Chat soon X

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