Wednesday, 26 September 2012

2 weeks in Greece (or how many women can you get reading 50 Shades of grey round a pool?)

Hi there!

Its that time of year again when me and Mr B take our annual sojourn to hotter climes.  We love Greece and the Greek Islands as the weather is pretty much guaranteed at this time of year.  We went to Kefalonia and were not disappointed.  The weather was mostly at the 30 mark (apart from some spectacular storms) Hotel FAB and we even did an Island tour (very interesting) we saw gorgeous beaches, an underground lake and a secret cave with stalagmites and stalactites, a winery and a variety of pretty villages. We ate like piggy porkers and now my belt has had to be let out!  The majority of the time was spent reading, sunning and swimming.  And now I'm back to work and the rain!  YUK  Cmon Mr B win the lottery for goodness sake!

On my return I had a letter from the local authority offering me an allotment... nearby...  DIMELLA...... but I hear you cry "you already have your own allotment".  Those of you who haves staved off the boredom and managed to stay awake from the beginning of this blog will know that this is in fact my brothers allotment.  I was roped in to help (also known as you'll do it for me wont you?) and this allotment is near my brothers house which is 30 minutes from me (if I break land speed records).  I have had my name on the local list in the hope of having a plot of my own nearer home....  My brother is now qualified as an osteopath (just recently)  Very proud of him too.  So in theory he should now have more time to start to pick up the reigns.  However only bean picking seems to have occurred while I was away.  I love my little plot I've worked hard (ish)  it also gives me Saturdays with my Mum and they do water and pick stuff while I am away.  So with a heavy heart I turned them down on this occasion.  I did however make up an excuse and asked to remain on the list.  Next time I may not feel like sticking with it on his plot (especially when he's being critical!).

I have lots of pics of my produce that I have not yet posted so will have to catch up soon.  I do point you however in the direction of my fave veggie website and their Virtual Veg Show (I have several entries) so you can have a gawp there!    You can also see a few fine examples of fruit and veg grown by accomplished growers.  I can only dream    Virtual Veg Show 2012

Anyhoo - I have yet to get down to the lottie to check on progress.  I will update soon

Until then YIAMAS - as they say in Greece!  :o)

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