Friday, 12 October 2012

Not a whole lot going on...

As the season draws to a close, I find I am spending a lot less time at the plot and spending my time doing things like (don't faint) jogging.  I am still going tot he plot either Saturday or Sunday for a couple of hours but that's all I seem to be able to muster at the moment.  The beans perversely are still producing beans although at this time of year a lot of them are on the tough side.  One set of french beans were flowering like mad last week but I am sure that we'll get frost before too long.  Maybe I should wrap them in  fleece to give the beans a fighting chance!   Who knows we could be picking until November at this rate.  Everything else has definitely given up the ghost.  I think I have ordered some garlic but I think I have deleted the email confirmation and now cant remember if I have some coming or not.  How long should I wait?  Should I just bung some in and then if I get what I think I've ordered see it as a bonus???    I don't know it just seems like too much effort.  I think I'll email T&M and see if they can trace an order to this address..... although they are notoriously shit with emails... phone calls... service.... sigh... I have two hopes!

I am however thinking of controlling the paths better (gaining some control) by laying down spare carpet.  I meant to do this this year too!  I'm crap really aren't I? however this will mean that I'm not spending the majority of my time strimming or cutting with shears!  There are some paving slabs at work which the handyman has not only said I can have but he will deliver too!  So we should be able to have a paved area for two next year instead of just one!  YAY two seats!  :) I also have some plans involving wooden pallets..... However we'll see if I can get the carpet thing done first eh!  I think I'll measure up at the plot and then cut the stuff at home which should make it a bot more transportable.  I am only a girl after all - a good one however there are limits to my capabilities!

Films watched recently: Judge Dred - Good, Looper - Great, The Sweeney - Excellent!  Thank god the school holiday kids shit is out of the way!  

Right lets go and put another job off.... Google here I come!

chat soon X

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