Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Blues

Its still snowing and crap!  Yes I know its Easter this weekend - this time last year we were all sun burnt - this year we have frost bite.  I've still done nothing on the allotment I've only just sowed some tomatoes and chilli's at home!  Although I seem to be doing my best to get that wrong - Keep forgetting to take the lid off the propagator and they're going all leggy...

So no news really - The Major Big Boss of all of the Universe at work is visiting from Japan next Friday so everyone is in a tail spin redecorating, re-branding cleaning and worrying about shit such as what the disabled loo (ahem the VIP bathroom) smells and looks like.  Yes I have bought matching hand towels and a cabinet to put it in!

Anyway got to go, having some desks put together  GAAAAAAAHHHHH

Ciao for now X

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