Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ive started!

YAY - finally had a free day to get to the allotment!  I went yesterday (Easter Monday) and spent the afternoon.  It was still cold but when the sun shone it was FAB.  I strimmed, pulled and laid carpet on a couple of bits that were unruly last year.  I know strictly speaking I shouldn't but I need all of the time saving help I can get.  I put some at the top between me and the neighbour and some either side of the Goosegogs.  The top bit really caused a problem last year as the weeds really strayed into the potato patch.  (This years onion and garlic). I just can't be doing with spending nearly all of my allotment time strimming and cutting grass by hand.  The bits without carpet I am hoping to give a really good dig over to get rid of most of the rest of it.  HURRAH. 

I weeded and pruned the Gooseberries too.... Evil bastard plants.  I look like I have been mauled by a troupe of marauding tigers.  YOWCH.  Long sleeves this week for me then.  I will be able to get there again on Saturday and here we go again - just one visit and I've got the bug again!  Must look up what I should be sowing and get on with it!

I also potted up the perennial plant collection that I sent for..  and dropped all over the floor.  Now I've no idea which is what... OOOPS!  Theya re for the garden though.  Apart from that I've got tomatoes, and chillis on the go.

Back in the saddle - It was lovely to be outside yesterday but a radox bath for me tonight I think!  I got cramp in my bum this morning and I think I've pulled it!  LOL  :O)

Ciao for now X

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