Friday, 28 January 2011

Another day another dollar?

Like a lot of others, I found myself being made redundant at the end of last year.  Yes I was bored in my job and yes - I had been looking for another "better" job for quite some time - But dagnammit it was my crappy job and how dare they get rid of me.  It paid the mortgage and quite nicely provided for hollidays, pressies and treats....

So I finished in the middle of November and have been FULL on job hunting since (well before I left even).  Now we aren't down ot brass farthings but jeez gimme a break.  I now find myself in temping hell.  I am "lucky" to have found a regular gig and am now to be found rotting on a "helpdesk".  As the temp I am simultaneously ignored and dumped on.  No one has bothered to explain the office niceties (exits, toilets, dress down friday) but seems to be able to find me whenever there is pointless faxing, copying and other shitty shit shite jobs to be done.

Add to this that the rest of the time I stare blankly at the screen for want of anything to do and it's pretty much driving me mental... all for £58 more than I need to put in the joint account each month.  Hence the reason that I am posting in the middle of the day...

Still waiting on the result of an interview that I went to over a week ago but who cares... I'm only a temp.


  1. lol @ '...But dagnammit it was my crappy job and how dare they get rid of me.'

    Hope everything sorts itself out for you.

    Did you get the kale seeds okay?

  2. Yes Jono! Thank you so much they arrived on Saturday. I was dig dig digging at the lottie and they were awaiting my arrival when I got home! Lovely day altogether! Thanks! ;0)