Sunday, 23 January 2011

Me and two veg

Hey... Welcome along!

I don't suspect that there are going to be many of you so thanks for joining me.

Me and two veg. Hmmmm, You may have caught the stunning word play on Meat and Two Veg but what does it mean and whats it all about. Well this blog is going to be about me, whats occuring in my life and the things that matter to me, and will feature quite a bit of garden and allotment chat!

Me - 36, female, married one cat. I've been married for just over 6 years and I've had the cat slightly longer. I love reading, cinema and growing my own veg. We are all novices.... (at most things actually) We're just stumbling through like most people and finding our own way.

My garden - 70' on two levels (we live on quite a steep hill). We are lucky as some previous occupant of the house arranged the garden in this way. All we have really done in this is see what was growing, dig those up and plant our own - Kill those, plant more... We're getting there. Hey we went from a flat where we had four pots outside (which the kindly neighbour watered) to all this. I have one main veg spot and I do some in pots and grow bags and forced in between the flowers.

My allotment - (well my brothers allotment) WOW....a brand new venture... There is so much I want to grow but just don't have the room for at home. I should really with a 70 foot garden but I still want to enjoy my home garden and have friends over and for it to be a pretty place. So the allotment is going to be a working veg and fruit spot. Watch this space.

Anyway thats a few tit bits to set the tone. Hope you enjoy this as much as I'm going to!

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