Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sow far sow good

Hey - I know its early (some might disagree) but I have been unable to resist sowing a few seeds.  I have 17 Tomato seedlings in a tray by the french windows (Gardeners delight, Marmande, Moneymaker, Tigrella and Golden Sunrise) fingers crossed for the final three but I'm not holding out too much hope.  Not going to worry too much, I'm going to bring these on in the conservatory and give some to the neighbours and a friend or two.  I have also sowed 6 chillis - 3 AR Hot (long story) and one each of Hot Lemon, Spagna and Hot rainbow.  Cant wait for them to pop up, been about a week already... humph... C'mon already!

I got busy with my snazzy paper pot maker today - aided by some old newspapers and made 30 small seedling pots.  I have now sowed and stashed in the heated propogator 20 Red Onions, four Greyhound Cabbages and four All Year Round Cauliflowers! 

I know its ridiculous to be so excited but YAY!  I can just imagine all the neat rows of lovely veg set out in the alottment!  Got over there for the first time on Saturday and dug over just about three quarters of a bed.  I hope to finish this off this Saturday and get it covered up to warm up.  On the way home I popped into B&Q and spent up with my xmas vouchers!  Armed with a list I've been making at work (another story but garden planning is all I'm doing at the mo - my own - and no thats not what I'm there for)  bought garlic, white onion sets cauli, cabbage, sweetcorn, multi coloured carrots, brussels and peas.  Was tempted by the potatoes but thought it was a bit early... I'll get them later on...

Cinema - Saw Morning Glory - thought it was going to be pappy crap, I was pleasantly suprised!  7 out of ten very entertaining.  Then on sunday we saw The Green Hornet.  Lots of action, laughs, cool gadgets and  a nice story.  Loved it.  Go see it!

I'm waiting on the result of an interview.... I hate waiting.  Hope to come back with some positive news on the seeds, the job and well everything. 

Chat soon X

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