Monday, 31 January 2011

Good news, and bad news....

What do you want first....Okay

Bad news... No luck on the interview I went for... thought I was a wonderful candidate etc etc blah blah blah not enough power point was the only concrete bit... BAH

Good news? I still have my own hair and teeth!  Bah boom ;O)

Anyway - got down to the allotment on Saturday.  Was a bit on the chilly side - I wore (I swear this is true) knee length socks, a vest top, a long sleeved thin top, a long sleeved thick top, jeans, a jumper and a scraggy old cardi-jacket type thing that I have kept for gardening purposes.  I looked like a fat robin! 

I measured the plot - its about 100m by 20m and took some "before pics" So I can be a bit geeky and do a proper plan.  I've got to have something to ignore.... surely!  Then I finished the bed that I had started and got halfway down another.  I'm so pleased.  My brother thought that we wouldn't be able to manage a whole plot but I think that a few weeks hard work now and it will look like a completely different space.  Did about four hours and only left when the light was fading.  There were other people there too :oO  two of them - obviously a new plot.

Fell into a scalding hot bath when I got home and put my PJs on immediately.  Had my soup in front of the TV.  FAB.

I had visitors too...  a black bird, a robin and a scraggy looking black and white cat.  The birds came for the worms and I think the cat came to watch.  I went again on Sunday - took Mr B to look and the brother came too.  Mr B and I cleared up the dead beans still on the poles and took the poles down and the brother dug two beds over (I say dug but I can't be sure that its done properly as it only took him an hour.... hmmmm will inspect next week and perhaps go over it myself).

More good news - I got more seeds popping up aplenty in the heated propogator!  2 of my chillies AT LAST!  An AR Hot and a Hot Rainbow!  Also three cabbages and two caulis  YAY.... Can't wait.  Meant to pot up my tomato's but was knackered!

Films of the week -

127 hours - Brilliant - Superbly acted - Go see it.  Wonderful.  Lots of black humour which I didn't expect.
Black Swan - Dark, dark and darker - Good though worth watching.

Anyway  - must go.  Am at "work"  Chat soon X

PS: - I will post pics as soon as I have figured out how to plug in my camera to the new computermebob.

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