Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wet 'n Wild

The weather that is - what where you thinking!!!  So I have stayed indoors and been domestic.  To anyone who knows me this would be acomplete shock... my best friend and I always maintain that dull women have imaculate houses - and neither of us are dull!  Again I was going to pot up the tomato's and start some more things but have not got around to it.  The computermebob and the tv are far tooo distracting.  So when Mr B comes back from footie he will have a shock and a loooovley sparkly kithcen.

Anyhoo due to lack of activity (and figuring out how to plug in the camera to the new computermebob) I have a few pics of the plot!
Okay - This is from the top looking down (there is a slope involved)

And this is the other direction looking up!

A puzzle for anyone who cares about it!  If you can identify this then there is a prize... okay maybe not a prize but I'd like it a whole lot....!

And while your at it let me know what this is too!  Answers on a postcard please!  :o)
Anyway, thats it for the piccies.  Been really bad diet wise this week EEEEK.  I'm doing the Cambridge plan which is basically three of their sachets/bars a day and nothing else... I've done the opposite today and eaten toast, chinese nibbles, crisps and pistachio nuts..  crap.  I've just started to notice the difference in my clothes - I have lost 19lb in three weeks so not too bad... cmon chalk a line under it and carry on. 

No job news this week.  My sidekick and I at the temp job I've got have been laughing ourselves silly this week at one or two of the customers and been generally adolescent about it all.  Someone from India sent us an email chasing for some support and advising it was now "too late" for one of her colleagues.  Some quick wit promptly sent round a picture of a hanged man in reference to her Ingrish and we were inconsolable.  I have to get out of there!  HELP!  If anyone know of any get rich schemes please message me, I promise not to let anyone elso know - or any donations would be greatfully appreciated LOL

No films yet this week.  Going to see The Kings Speech tomorrow.

Chat soon X

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