Saturday, 19 February 2011

New beginnings

Well fellow veg bloggers!  It certainly does help to let it all out now doesn't it!  Since I last posted I have been feeling a WHOLE lot more positive!  It really is good to have a good rant and really move on...

Spent a good few hours at the allotment last Saturday, dug just over half of a whole new bed.  (legumes I think)... and formulated some of a plan of how to carry on I'm thinking of square beds and will try and do a proper plan this week (yes I'll post it too!).

I got sowing too... did five more chillis - Yellow hot wax - they never came up in the last sowing, ring of fire and hot rainbow.  And three pots with aubergines.  I did put more than one seed in these as they were dated 2008. But now I have one pot with two seedlings, and some of the chillis have popped up already!  WOW.  Looking forward to having lots of properly productive chillis this year, I felt a little cheated last year.  I ordered chillis from T&M and I feel they came really late... so with the rubbish summer they didn't get long enough to mature.  This way I can make sure they have a REEEEEEEEEly long season.  (fingers crossed anyway!)

I potted up my early tomatoes this week - and most of them have drooped and died.  BAH  I think that this is what they call "damping off" but never fear... I have seven that look like they are going to make it and I have masses of seeds so will do more a bit later on!  (yes at the proper time I KNOW :O))

Got "THE APPOINTMENT" - EEEEEEKKKK - Am now terrified - 22nd March.

Anyway have had a lovely day today - visited my Mum - went shopping for a few bits for mr B's b'day and have watched girlie things on TV (well gotta make the most of being a footie widow havent I)  More of the same tomorrow I think.

Ooooo Saw the Kings Speech - Fab,  not sure what we will catch tomorrow there is a lot out at the mo - maybe The Boxer as its been out a little while and we dont want to miss it..

I may have an interview next Wednesday so fingers crossed X

Chat soon all X


  1. Hey I spotted your blog on the grow your own forum, I have done the same with the toms *note to self-must be more patient* not likely though haha

  2. "Be more patient" - Noooo. No comprendez senorita