Monday, 28 February 2011

Rain stops play - AGAIN!

Why is it that the rain could rain any day of the week - but it chooses to be lovely during the week then piddle down (literally) at the weekend?  I got lots done at home however and had a furious bed-stripping/washing/drying/buying/washing the new stuff/ironing and remaking the bed session!  I also cleaned the Kitchen - Mr B pushed the hoover round a bit and looked very pleased with himself!

Sunday was gorgeous in the morning - enough to lull me into a false sense of security and put some washing on the line.... no sooner had I left the house, got to the allotment and started digging, did it start to rain... oh well another few forkfuls of weeds out!  However Mr B didn't notice the washing and its still there now quite frankly!  Well I'm sure it will dry sooner or later :o)

I also need to re-do my plot plan.  I figure my "Squares" are approx 8and a bit by five foot and I could happily get ten of these squares in  side by side (with generous paths).  This will take me up to just over halfway up where the soft fruits are and then there are a few "long row" beds past there.  Must get busy with excel (or my trusty paper, pencil and ruler)  Lots more work required...

On the seedling front, tomato's continue to fare badly although I still have seven as a surprise one has popped up out of nowhere in a pot where one has died YAY.  I put them all back into the heated propagator for some extra tlc to see if I can keep some alive...  aubergines are a go-go though and I have one paper pot with three in and the other two have two each (the seed was old forgive me I didn't expect them all to come up) And the chilli's are okay - although I pulled one out the other day by mistake... Need to sow more - No sign of my sweet peas yet...

We went to see the film "Paul" on Friday - I cant recommend it enough - lots of swearyness but brilliant!  go see it if you can. 

Job news - I went for a job interview near Oxfordfr Circus Last Wednesday (Mr B's birthday) and I have been called back for a second interview - just don't know when yet.  I loved it, the people who interviewed me were great - fingers crossed people!!!

Chat soon X

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  1. Good luck with the interview.

    I used Excel for my plan ( if you're interested!), but you could try the free trial at It spaces everything out for you.