Thursday, 10 February 2011

Swings and Roundabouts

Or should that be see-saws?

So far I am getting the opinion that this blog is a little down in the dumps.  Far from miserable normally I find myself in somewhat of a slump.  Crappy temp job - paying not very much, health - arthritis and infertility (having a problem with my fingers in particular and waiting for IVF), and a stream of petty stupid little slights and misfortunes that one would normally shrug off.  So I am going to get it all out and then, if you're still there, draw a line under it all, paste a smile on it and consign it to the past (and experience).

If you ever ring a hotline - support line or similar (I know I've done it myself) please spare a thought for the person on the end.  They can not help the crappy service that you receive - all I do here is log the calls and send them off into the ether... however it is me that gets yelled at.

Why oh why is it that when I have a HUGE exciting day out planned (in fact the ONLY thing I have planned for this entire year...) that this is the very day that my beautiful nephews christening is planned for (in May can I add) - why so far in advance???  An upside to this is I am sure they are going to ask me to be godmother... a position which I have yet to hold!  Anyway I am to miss out on going to WEMBLEY stadium to sing with my choir....

This one I feel particulary guilty about - one of my best friends has had a baby this week and quite frankly there is a small stab of a jealous feeling - we used to chat about those that had gone over to the dark side of cracked nipples, nappies and weaning etc... and now I'm left behind...

Why can't people let you know if your application is unsuccessful?

Why don't my friends ever ring me? (don't say probably because she is a miserable cow :o)

And finally where are my engagement and wedding rings???  I never take them off (well I did when I had my carpal tunnel surgery a coupla months ago - but that was it) seriously I wash up with them on, dig and decorate and I look down on Tuesday evening and see a bare finger.  One would be misfortunate but both <<<faints>>>


^^^ see that ^^^ there is my line well and truly drawn - and if you are still reading.... WELL DONE and welcome to my cheerful blog!  :o)  Now my beforementioned gorgeous nephew has learnt a new trick...  If you say "AWWWWWW Bless" - He giggles... He's only six months old!!!

My friend also afore mentioned has had a gorgeous baby girl and I am thrilled for her - I know they have been trying for quite some time and this is going to make their family complete and happy!  can't wait to meet her.

I have been working on my plot plan I have a page of A4 note book and am drawing in where my crops are going to go.  I have runner beans, peas bush/french and borlotti beans in place, onions, carrots, leeks, garlic and spring onion parsnip and beetroot!  I am trying to plan it so I know how much of everything to order and or grow indoors in order to plant out.  I dont want to grow 200 cabbages and then only have room for 10!  So I am spending time with my veg books and my ruler (and a calculator) and trying to do some sums.  I will post the plan when I have finished it! - please no laughing...

They are selling potatoes at the lottie hut on Saturday - So I am going to go and introduce myself and buy some seed spuds and onion sets while I'm at it!  I hope I can get someone to give me the low down on the site do's and don'ts too!  YAY can't wait

Its all probably going to be very wrong!  but its fun - So there!

Chat soon :o)  X

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  1. I don't think your blog is down in the dumps, I like it! Its a little bit like you've eaten a bag of sugar and then written a post!