Friday, 4 March 2011

Tomatocide? Or suicide?

Okay we're down to four tomato seedlings left now.  This has to stop.  I think I have potted them on into to large a pot.. and they were leggy to (due to being started off too early)  Either that or its a conspiracy...  I am going to sow more tomorrow or on Sunday.  Aubergines are suffering too - although I have not potted these on - I think there isn't enough soil in the small paper pot I started them off in and they are just getting tooooo dry...  Seriously maybe they are just depressed - perhaps I should leave the radio on to keep them company during the day?  Its obvious the cat isn't providing any TLC while I'm out.

Okay I completed a "PLAN" on the website.  I will try and scan in a copy later to show you.  This website is AWESOME (in my opinion anyway)  It works out planting spacing and has pretty pictures of all the fruit and veg and hints and tips - AND it emails you with reminders... Just what I need!  Not for everyone I know but being forgetful and rubbish at excel etc etc I need all the help I can get.  Anyway this is beginning to sound like an advert - I am not affiliated to this site (other garden planning tools do exist! :oP ) anyway...

I need to get going this weekend and get my "Farty" chokes planted - Never tasted one but I like the idea of them being like tall sunflowers.  On he described his as being as "high as an elephants eye" and that rather tickled my fancy! If they are horrid I'll just dig them all up and not bother next year!  According to my list I also need to start off aubergine (check) Brussels cabbages cauli's, leeks (late I know!) peas, peppers and the infamous tomato's.  We will see if I can NOT kill them this time... sigh

How long should sweet peas take to come up do you think?  I'm beginning to think my seeds are duff... I shall have to try some from the packet and not the saved ones...

The weather is Gorgey today - What's the betting it pisses down tomorrow when I actually have time to get out and do stuff...(refer to previous post)

Did my first solo babysitting stint this week.  YAY I survived, and happily so did the baby! 

My second interview should be next week - Tuesday maybe - I have yet to hear - Keep crossing those fingers.

Anyway hope you have all had a good week! 

Chat soon X

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