Friday, 18 March 2011

Bugger, Blast and B@ll@cks

Hey peeps - Hope you're all having a good week.

Well in reference to the title, it was a NO for the job.  Apparently its not my experience or that they don't feel I could do the job oh no its just my personality.  They didn't think I was sparky apparently.  Well lets hope that the "Sparky personality" they did hire is one of those types that is FAB for five minutes but then gives you a really intense desire to stab him in the head.

Anyway moving on - the weather was not so good last weekend so I didnt get down to the plot - but I did catch up on lots of seed sowing!  I sowed - Peas, parsnips and peppers in loo rolls, Brussel Sprouts, flower Sprouts (V Exciting) more chillies, 16 tomato's, globe artichoke (never eaten one), cape gooseberries (actually sowed about a million as the seeds are microscopic) and Leeks in a bucket (makes for easy transportation down to the allotment when they are big enough to plant out!).  Phew.

I also potted up my poorly looking Bay tree.  Well it has been in the same pot for four-five years - shame on me.

Now considering I did all this sowing on Saturday, it completely amazes me that half of the tomatos are up already AND one of the chillies poked its head up this morning!  YAY  plants are sooo amazing.  I also ordered some colourful flowers on offer from T&M (used my voucher which just covered my postage) - this is an attempt to sop the feelings of my poor hubbie who just wants some colour in the garden - veggies be damned!  Either that or a golf course - he's not fussy.

I ordered a Wine making kit from ebay and this arrived yesterday!  Cue great excitement from me and a raising of the eyebrows from Mr B.  I have been looking through my wine recipe book but I think I will make a Rhubarb wine I saw on the "Grow Your Own" website  (the best forum there is in my opinion!).  Watch this space.  I love that it is entitled Quick Nice Wine... I needed no more selling!

Anyhoo - going to sow more seed this weekend and get more aubergines and tomatos on the go (yes more) and some caulis and cabbages.... I will have to check on my reminder list of what I should be doing...

Till next time :o)

Chat soon X

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