Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spanish omlet anyone???

Hello everyone

the FAB weather continued all weekend and I got to the allotment both Saturday and Sunday!  I had a really busy day on Saturday - beginning with an extra choir practice as Caroline  - the lady who formed Rock Choir - came to visit, talk to us and hear us sing.  She is being filmed for an upcoming documentary at the moment and we thought the camera's would be with her, but twas not to be.  They filmed her on the way there and then went home BAH... (How scary and competitive are 100 women in one hall all in full makeup and hair done - all vying to be in the front row??? <<<shudders>>>)

Had a lovely lunch with some of the ladies then dashed home stuck on me gardening kit and got to the plot at about 3ish.  I was armed with a box full of my seed potatoes and a back with my shallots and onion sets in, and various other implements and rammage I can not live without!   I delusionally thought that I would be able to get all of those in the ground in the few hours I had left of the day...  Oh well you live and you learn!

I did manage to get my Arran Pilot 1st earlies in (well I think they are Arran's - I might have got them mixed up with the Nicola salad potatoes...) and one row of the Nicola's.  Now don't faint people but when I got home... Mr B offered to come with me the next day and help me to dig!!!  After I fainted I gladly accepted and he did indeed help muchly on the Sunday!   He redug two of the beds (weeds that had been missed) and then dug up some of the paths - which were awful.  I finished planting all of the potatoes and shallots and Red Baron onions and Giant Stuttgater white onions!  I hope I've done the onions right.  They say to leave the ends poking out - but I was worried about birds pulling them all out so I have nearly covered them.  I only get to the plot at the weekend so I can;t get there to check on them and replant them... Oh well - they have two chances.

Its made me chuckle all weekend ( a sign of my lunacy) an imaginary conversation between my seed potatoes  Arran - "Hi Nicola, pleased to meet you... Fancy hopping into bed?"  Nicola "And you've not even bought me dinner!  Oh go on then!" 

Anyway after all our efforts Mr B had a rosy glow to his bald head and the Lottie looked marginally less neglected... Good work done.  At lease we will be able to make a Fritatta or a Spanish omelet!

Ooooooh and I pulled the most eeeeeenoooooooormous parsnip up that I didn't know was even there!  I thought I'd got them all out!  Mmmmm Soup me thinks

We saw The Lincoln Lawyer on Saturday - BRILLIANT film - Go see - go see.  The first film in a long time when I didn't know what was going to happen until they spelled it out!  Edge of your seat stuff.

Seedlings all doing well (not killed any!)- most are spending time in the conservatory.  Must sow more aubergines and chilli's.  Also am going to sow some more broad beans, peas and start on cucumbers and gherkins!  Can't wait.

Chat soon  X

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